What can Elbow Grease be used for? Learn about the entire range

Harness the great cleaning power of the Elbow Grease range, available right here at Value Superstore. Be quick though – the range often sells out quickly because of how popular it is!


The original Elbow Grease is an all purpose degreaser spray that claims to be the only cleaner you’ll ever need. It has a multitude of uses and is available in 500ml and 1 litre bottles.


Use Elbow Grease on all of your surfaces, simply spray on and wipe. For extra cleaning power, leave to sit for a few moments if required. It can get pretty much any surface in your home gleaming again.


Why not use Elbow Grease on fabrics as a pre-wash treatment? Spray onto your stain and leave to sit for a few moments and then wash as normal. Trust us – it’s stain removing power has to be seen to be believed.


Why not give your oven a much needed clean? You can use Elbow Grease on all areas of your oven, watch the stubborn dirt and grease just wipe away.


Elbow grease is also great for mechanical parts and removing oil spots on paving and concrete – great to keep in the garage.


We recommend testing Elbow Grease in a conspicuous area first – and don’t use it on painted or varnished surfaces, Perspex or wood. Always read the instructions first!


New to the range is Elbow Grease glass cleaner with added vinegar – get that streak-free shine on your windows.


We’ve also got a great range of Elbow Grease cloths and sponges to help you complete the tasks at hand. Simply head to Value Superstore and search ‘Elbow Grease’