Febreze Air Freshener - Fruity Tropics - 300ml

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Fruity Tropics is inspired by the freshness of juicy redfruits. Uplift your senses with blends of playful fruits and hints of sweetness. Febreze Air with OdourClear technology cleans away tough lingering odours and leaves a light, fresh scent in their place. Sweep away stale and stifling odours with these air freshener aerosols. Just squeeze the easy-to-use trigger to spray the light mist, giving you control of the amount of scent released. Different from other air fresheners, the Febreze Air formula contains a nitrogen propellant that is one hundred per cent natural, and truly cleans away odours, instead of just masking them. Perfect for use on any space you want to remove odours from and leave your home smelling fresh and renewed every day.


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