Stardrops Window and Glass Cleaning Spray – 750ml Bottle

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Stardrops Window and Glass Cleaner is a fast acting formula, complete with an easy to use spray bottle, which cleans windows & glass surfaces with a streak free shine and also leaves a sparkling finish. Stardrops glass cleaner can be used on all glass surfaces, including table tops, mirrors and other glass furniture around the home, whether you’re trying to remove marks or add a sparkle to your surfaces. With it’s easy to use grease-cutting formula, Stardrops window cleaner helps to rid dirt and streaks from all windows too, for a clear, sparkling finish. Simply spray Stardrops window cleaner and wipe away dirt and grime for clean, streak free windows.

  • Surface cleaning: For best results, wipe the surface clean with a clean paper towel or a dry, clean cloth before spraying the Stardrops glass cleaner onto surfaces. After use, turn the nozzle back to the ‘off’ position. For heavily soiled surfaces repeat application.


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